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Happy SweetSeventeen, young fellow - Your existence is important in my life #housemate

The Photographer

Memorial Alferd Nicholas Gardens, Mt Dandenong

The Weekend : Sherbrooke Forest

Sherbrooke Forest lies at an altitude of 300 m within the Dandenong Ranges, 40 km east of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia, close to the suburb of Belgrave. The vegetation is classified as wet sclerophyll forest with the dominant tree species the Mountain Ash, Eucalyptus regnans, the tallest flowering plant in the world. From the mid 19th century until 1930 it was logged. In 1958 it was gazetted as a park, and in 1987 it was merged with Doongalla Reserve and Ferntree Gully National Park to form the 32.15 km² Dandenong Ranges National Park. (wikipedia) - map
Photography © Nani P 2014

Portrait : Levene

Portrait for my friend - Levene, superb talented illustrator.

Tiger Moon Traders

TIGER MOON TRADERS. 136 Chapel St Windsor VIC 3181 | phone. +61 3 9521 1205 
★★★★ website | instagram

Opening Hours. Mon - Sat 11am - 6pm Sun 12noon - 5.30pm
Categories. Vintage, recycled, furniture, antiques| Price range. $ - $1 - $450

Photography © Nani P 2014

New Mural

New mural finished for private commission. I'll upload more photos and time-lapse video by next week.

Shop : À B L O C

I'm thinking of buying a new bike for my birthday and found this space.

À  BLOC BICYCLE SHOP. 116 Commercial Road, Prahran, VIC 3181 | phone. +61 3 9510 4238 
★★★★ website | facebook | instagram

Opening Hours. Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm Sat - Sun 10am - 4pm
Categories. Coffee &tea, pastries & cake | Price range. $ - $3.5 - $6 
Others. Bike Shop & Cycle Community | Gluten-Free Friendly | Free Wi-Fi  

More review via Broadsheet | Photography © Nani P 2014


It said, morning how are you? More than anything this is the story of our routine work life. I have made my every morning into the most welcoming space for human. I'm walking 10 minutes before the train make some noisy and continue with a little run. Their eyes seem sleepy or maybe excited to start this real life. Suits and blazers indicative too formal, mine pretty chill and colourful. I'm observing them. All eyes focused on that little creatures - smart phones. Sad, don't want to be them. No, no, no, I still adore photographing the beauty in their natures. At least the world are of a lovely colour. 


Illustration for Six Years Later 003 magazine. Theme - Instinct. Title - NO HARM. Trust your instinct, it means you no harm. This artwork captures my human behaviour that is mediated by unconscious reactions. Inspired by animal who born with certain instincts to protect themselves.
Six Years Later is an art-work only magazine. No articles, no interviews, no top 100 tips that will make you the next big thing. They wholly believe that pictures are worth a thousand words... maybe even a thousand and one.

Win Amazing Dresses worth $200

Dressale Free New Year Giveaway. Win Amazing Dresses worth $200.
Hi, lovelies, I have a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY for you! Have you heard of Dressale ? It is one of my new favorite places to shop! They have the best selection of beautiful on-trend dresses, shoes, jewelry and more! You will be amazed entering into their website. 
New year is coming and now they are giving away 10 dresses every week to their huge fans. People who do not win the dress can also receive a $15 coupon if they join this giveaway and follow all the steps.

Merry X-Bacon

Forget about the chicken, bring all the bacon, ey!

New works

New works added on my website

Postcard from my hometown

A voice in the wildness. I was living here for 13 years. Still tiger!

Hometown - Kotabaru, Kalimantan Selatan, IndonesiaThis district has an area of 9442.46 km ² and has a population of as many as 290 142 people (result of Indonesian Population Census 2010 ) with sea fishermen as much as 15 961 inhabitants. This area is a motto "Sa-ijaan" (Banjar language) which means: Semufakat, a heart and a one word yes.

Goodtimestudios part 02

I'm still on the road, try to find new inspiration through this holiday. Internet not too easy to get, lost almost all those online connection. But yea, I have more time to do more stuff in this sabbatical plan. I got more pictures from my previous art studio - part 01.

Goodtimestudios part 01

You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. My art studio, I've decided to let it go and back to home studio again. I'm saving money to fund my personal art project and embarking in new adventures. Goodtimestudios is all having a good time! Nice creative people, awesome parties and colourful art exhibitions. I used to count the days, created new art. Countless beers and tea for strangers/ friends who visit this studio. I had a wonderful closing party. Without my friends' crazy presence, my last day in there would have been just another day in calendar. It's time to move on. I'll be traveling overseas for two months, shut down my brain, forget about work and create more personal art. I'm counting down the days...

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